Treasures of the Ria

Explore our Treasures!

Treasures of the Ria reveals the natural and cultural riches that the Ria of Aveiro offers and that these adventurers have under the eye. Shellfish, fish, moliceiros, salt, cod or even egg-soft recipe are some of the treasures coveted by the Pirates of the Ria.

After sailing the 18 lanes and getting to know the Ria de Aveiro, you can find other treasures, even more valuable: the memories of happy moments and a real smile!

Discover our Treasures
How many Mini Golf lanes does "Treasures of the Ria" have?
The Treasures of the Ria circuit has 18 lanes, each with a new challenge, that will make you discover the treasures of the region.
- Light and comfortable clothing
- Suitable and comfortable footwear
- On sunny days: cap or hat and putting on sunscreen
- Adventurous spirit!
- Good mood! :)
What activities can I do in this circuit?
- Birthday Parties
- Group Activities
- School Visits
- Event organization