Pirates Adventure

A world of adventure!

The journey through the Pirates Adventure it has many challenges, obstacles and dangers: battles to fight, cannons ready to fire, starving sharks, mysterious islands, storms and giant waves. Sharing this unique experience with the Pirates, we overcame the challenges of this 18 lanes themed circuit.

Among many incidents visitors help to share treasures, cross with boats bacalhoeiros and pass by the romantic Island of Loves, where they are inspired to continue! Sighting the imposing Barra Lighthouse, they are about to sail safely into the tranquil waters of the Ria.

A true Mini Golf adventure!

How many Mini Golf lanes does "Pirates Adventure" have?
The Pirates Adventure circuit has 18 lanes, each with a new challenge, that will get you into this incredible Pirate world!
- Light and comfortable clothing
- Suitable and comfortable footwear
- On sunny days: cap or hat and putting on sunscreen
- Adventurous spirit!
- Good mood! :)
What activities can I do in this circuit?
- Birthday Parties
- Group Activities
- School Visits
- Event organization